Preserved Lemon Inspiration






16th April 2015

I had lunch at my favourite restaurant in Breda by far, Block 62. Fantastic food made with great local produce – and they’re not paying me to say that!

They also sell homemade preserves, sauces and whatnot. The jars of preserved lemon caught my eye, they’re preserved in their own juice and salt. I’ve never used them before, but was advised they’re typically used in tagine dishes and dressings. Sold!

I chose to put them in a dressing. I washed the lemons to rinse the salt off and squished them together with some fresh mint in a pestle and mortar. I then added olive oil, a little honey and mustard. The salt seemed to take the edge off the lemon and leave a soft and sunny flavour. I liked it!

The dressing went on some roasted potato slices (quick to make as they were skinny), avocado and peas – all served with organic pork chops, cooked with parsley and garlic on the griddle.

Lemons – they are amazing, however you use them!


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